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With the beautiful landscapes and the culture of Hawaii, it is no secret why tourists tend to flock to the island. If you’re looking for paradise, even if just for a week or two, what better place to plan your next extended vacation?

Local businesses love tourists as they are what keeps everything moving when it comes to customers and sales. The only problem is this; people are addicted to technology. Without asking their phone where the best places in Hawaii are, they are in the dark about what to do on their much needed escape.

If you are a local business trying to get in front of the thousands of people who are looking for the best product or service in the Hawaiian islands, Google is like a dream come true. But… only if you are putting your website in front of those looking for your product or service.

Introducing Hawaii SEO

If you are not appearing on page one for search terms related to your business and location, your competitors are stealing your customers and smiling at the same time.

The time is now to get your website positioned so that you too can enjoy the benefits of page one traffic. Search engine optimization offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to online advertising.

Did you know that over 90% of searchers never look past page one of the organic search results? Well, the simple fact is that they don’t. If they don’t find what they need on page one, instead of clicking past it, they perform an entirely different search hoping for different results. Eventually, they will settle for a listing, click on it, and become a customer.

If  you’re sitting on page 2 or beyond, you may be receiving 1 out of every 100 searchers, and that is an extreme number.

Melissa Ritter Marketing provides Hawaii search engine optimization services and we strive to get your business at least 40% of the traffic for your chosen keywords. That is 40 out of every 100 people that search for any given keyword that your website is positioned to receive.

Can you imagine what that could do for your business?

Stop imagining, and click here to get an exact quote with a full website analysis included so that we can get your website positioned to receive the traffic that will help to grow your business every month of the year.